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How to Utilize Workbench and File Cloud with SAS Viya

What is a Workbench within SAS Viya?

The workbench folder is in SAS Viya, accessible through the explorer in SAS Studio. This space acts as a file system and will enable users to utilize a folder structure for organization of files. To access the workbench space, follow this path:

Open Workspace, click File and then click Workbench

SAS Studio

Workbench folders

Note: The purpose of the workbench is to store large files (i.e., sas7bdat, txt, csv, .xlsx, datasets, etc.) from SAS contents (user and project folders) into this location. Continue storing tables in your organization Hive space.

See the following pages for additional information:

How to Utilize File Cloud within SAS Viya?

Before proceeding to the steps below, users will need to do the following:

  1. Request FileCloud access through Healthcare Quality Information Systems (HCQIS) Access Roles and Profiles (HARP), if they have not done so already. A security officer (SO) will need to approve of their roles. Users can submit a Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) request form to request roles.
  2. Verify that their organization currently has a workbench space in SAS Viya. If they do not, they should request one through a DAR request form, providing business justification and need by date.
  3. Request FileCloud integration with their SAS Viya Workbench through a DAR request form , providing the name(s), HARP IDs and business justification and need by date.

    Ideally, a user’s entire Data Access Group (DAG) will get access to the FileCloud network share but if there is a requirement to limit users, then name(s) and HARP IDs will need to be provided  with the FileCloud request.

Note: These requests are contingent on CMS approval.

Step-by-step guide to Utilize FileCloud With SAS Viya:
  1. Open (sign in using your HARP ID).
  2. Navigate to the folder called “Network Shares”.

Network Shares folder

Files folder

3) Click the “Network Shares” folder and find the relevant organization folder (i.e. viya-prod-[insert org name]). 

Network Shares folder

4) The Workbench folder is where files will appear in both FileCloud and SAS Viya.

Workbench folders

When creating a file in SAS Viya workbench, the file is immediately available to FileCloud for viewing/downloading.
When uploading a file from File Cloud to workbench, it takes about 20 minutes for the file to become available in SAS Viya Workbench.

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