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How to Save Zeppelin Notebooks

The CCSQ Data & Analytics team conducts backups for Zeppelin notebooks daily. This guide will detail how to save notebooks more often.

Step-by-Step Guide

To save and retain a copy more often, users need to export the notebook and save their code to their laptop or location of their choosing. 

  1. Log into Zeppelin.
  2. Navigate to the Notebooks page.
  3. Open the Zeppelin notebook to be downloaded or exported.
  4. Click the "Clear output" icon to clear output and to clear any sensitive data.

Clear output option

       5. Select the "Export" icon.

Export this note option

       6. Select a local directory to save the file in.

       7. Save the file.

       8. The file will be downloaded in the json format locally to the chosen system. Once saved, the file can also be uploaded to GIT or any location of the user's choice.

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