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BIC Data Questions from CCSQ Users 

  1. What do the beneficiary_partition and beneficiary_key fields mean?
    1. beneficiary_key is a unique internal identifier for a beneficiary.
  2. Can all tables with these two fields be joined together?
    1. Yes. The joins will depend on the use case.
  3. Are the tables partitioned by one or both fields?
    1. Partitioned by beneficiary_partition.
  4. Is the beneficiary_status table more current than the beneficiary table?
    1. They are concurrent. The beneficiary_status include the current snapshot of core beneficiary information.
  5. On the beneficiary_status table is the medicare_beneficiary_identifier column the current Medicare  Beneficiary Identification (MBI) number?
    1. Yes.
  6. Are equated Health Insurance Claims (HIC) numbers available in the Beneficiary Information in the Cloud (BIC) data?
    1. No, you would need to manage this as part of your logic.
  7. Can a beneficiary have more than one beneficiary_key?
    1. No.
  8. Why are these three columns in both the beneficiary_status table and the beneficiary_name table? Do both tables have current data?
    1. last_name
    2. first_name
    3. middle_name
    4. See answer to item 4.
  9. Is the beneficiary’s phone number available?
    1. No.
  10. In the beneficiary_cross_reference table is the xref_claim_account_number the current (active) HIC number or the equated HIC number or a previous HIC number?
  11. Does the beneficiary_status table have the current medicare_beneficiary_identifier (MBI)?
    1. Yes.
  12. Is state_county_scrubbed the right table to get the current beneficiary state and county codes from?
    1. Yes, it includes history. Use date match.
  13. Is there a many to one relationship between the state_county_scrubbed and beneficiary tables
    1. Yes, it includes history.
  14. Is mailing_address_scrubbed the right table to get the current beneficiary mailing address?
    1. Yes.
  15. Is there a many to one relationship between the mailing_address_scrubbed and beneficiary tables?
    1. No, only the current mailing address is available.
  16. Does entitlement start and stop dates mean the same as coverage start and stop dates?
    1. See the Medicare website for more information.
  17. Can you provide us with some sample queries that show table joins so that we know how to efficiently join various beneficiary tables?
    1. Always lookup the beneficiary_partition and beneficiary_key using beneficiary_status and join with any other tables for efficient querying.
  18. Can you provide us with an entity relationship diagram?
    1. No entity relationship diagram is available currently, but if additional BIC documentation is provided, it will be uploaded to the Data Catalog.

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